Fire & EMS

Fire & EMS Coverage

The Town of Long Lake has contracted with the Town of Tipler - Tipler Volunteer Fire Department for fire services coverage during the 2024 Calendar Year.

The Town of Long Lake EMS Coverage is provided by Florence County EMS a county-wide EMS structure developed in 2023.  

The mission of Long Lake Volunteer Fire Department is to protect life and property from fire, and environmental emergencies within our community, through public education, code management, and incident response.

a group of fire trucks parked in a parking lot

Although the Town of Long Lake made the difficult decision to contract with the Town of Tipler - Tipler Volunteer Fire Department for 2024 due to lack of membership on their volunteer fire department, the history is still important to the Town and the goal is to revive a strong roster of volunteer firefighters as we approach 2025.  We appreciate the Tipler Volunteer Fire Department contracting with our town for 2024 and working with those existing and new members who want to continue serving the Long Lake community.  
More Information About Long Lake Volunteer Fire Department
Located in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Long Lake Volunteer Fire Department is an all-volunteer department serving approximately 450 year-round residents and many more seasonal visitors. With various levels of firefighter training and certifications, our members are well-qualified to provide professional and timely response to fire, rescue, medical, and hazardous materials emergencies. Long Lake Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1977 by citizens of Long Lake, Florence County, Wisconsin and is funded by a combination of local tax revenue, state revenue, donations, and grants. While many things have changed over the past 40+ years, one thing remains the same - our commitment and dedication to providing the best possible emergency services response to those who rely on us.
Service Area
Long Lake Volunteer Fire Department provides fire and rescue services to the Town of Long Lake.
Long Lake Volunteer Fire Department also provides mutual aid and MABAS response to the remainder of Florence and Forest Counties, Wisconsin including Alvin, Fence, Florence, Laona, Tipler, etc., as well as several cities in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Our service area covers approximately 120 square miles of wildland, urban, and industrial areas and is located in and adjacent to the Nicolet-Chequamegon National Forest.
Equipment and Response Capabilities
Long Lake Volunteer Fire Department operates an Engine, Water Tender, Rescue Truck, Brush Truck, Equipment Van, and UTV. In addition to fire, rescue, and hazardous materials emergency incident response, our Department is equipped with specialized equipment that allows us to respond to incidents such as ice water immersion, lost or injured hunters, and remote terrain rescues.
Public Services
Long Lake Volunteer Fire Department also performs Fire Code Inspections, Home Safety Surveys, Smoke and CO Alarm Installations, and  Public Education events such as fire extinguisher training. For more information on these services, please contact the Department.