Town Hall Rental

Long Lake Town Hall Rental Rules

  1. No pets allowed.  Exception: service animals.
  2. Sweep the floors.
  3. Wipe up any spills with paper towels.
  4. Take all garbage with you.
  5. Leave the hall as you found it. This includes putting the tables and chairs back the same way they were.
  6. Wipe out the microwave.
  7. Wash and put away any dishes used.
  8. Do not spray any chemicals on the floors.
  9. Cleaning supplies are provided under the sink in the kitchen area.
  10. Turn off all interior lights before leaving.
  11. Make sure the bathroom doors are left open with the door stoppers.
  12. No smoking in the town hall. There is a cigarette butt receptacle in the front of the hall, please make sure all cigarettes are placed in the receptacle, not on the sidewalk or in the grass.
  13. If there are any mechanical, plumbing, or electrical issues, they need to be brought to the towns attention immediately. Please contact, John Rodaer,Town Chairman at (920) 309-2884.